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2012-08-05 19:14:00 by Yedle

So I got my very nice headset for my computer fixed and it's back to working on a new mix.

I've learned a few things from my previousHigh Sea Remix(check out silencefreedom by the way he's got some awesome songs) and applied those to Vaifan90's Too Late and To Settle the Score songs.

Expect the finished product maybe later tonight. I've gotta make sure that it sounds just fine and isn't too loud and all that jazz.

UPDATE: Wow, sorry about that whole delay thing. I guess I'm running on Valve time now.

Song mix will be up within the next five minutes of this update.

Final Update:

It's up! Check it out!

Good N' Bad.

2011-11-11 21:00:35 by Yedle

So I've got some bad news. This Tank Megaman rip off game is NOT being made. I've dropped the project due to too much of other things I'd rather not discus going on.

The good news?

I've uploaded a new song. Go listen to it. I'm fairly certain it's lightyears beyond what I made before. But don't forget that it's a REMIX therefore not all my original work, just modified the original to my liking.

Mine: High Sea Remix

Silencefreedom made the original High Sea

I've been working on making sprites for that game I mentioned ages ago, and composing the soundtrack, too.

Thing is, it probably won't be done in flash anymore. I've got an easier to use program so I'll be importing my current resources to there.


2010-09-24 02:01:39 by Yedle

Seriously, I need one.

My daily schedule consists of:
1. Opening up FireFox
2. Logging onto Youtube, Newgrounds, and numerous forum sites.
3. Browsing said sites until I get bored.
4. Playing DDO, Fallout 3, or Oblivion for an hour or so.
5. Sitting my lazy ass on the couch and watching some TV.
6. Staying up late whilst looking at some tutorials and studying BASIC and AS3 so I can't wake up early tomorrow.

God I'm such a no-lifing nerd.

Also be sure to check out that piece of shit I uploaded to the audio portal. It's sure to thoroughly rape your ears, so be sure to vote 0 on it, and leave a really horrible review!

An animation!?

2010-03-28 18:06:31 by Yedle

I'll only take constructive criticism and/or compliments. Anything else will either get you banned from commenting again, made fun of, or both.

I have made an animation... Sort of, but I know it's not NG Portal worthy. I took someones Bass sprites, and animated them. It took me an hour and a half to make this.



About that game...

2010-02-03 21:47:44 by Yedle

It's canceled until further notice. I've gotten my hands on FL studio 9, and will be composing once I achieve greatness at it. In the mean time, expect a simple flash/game from me sometime this year or next year based off of the classic arcade game Asteroids.

Programing Errors!

2009-12-22 11:50:06 by Yedle

They suck, I don't need them, yet they happened. There goes a good month or so for the game down the drain.

Music, Sound... FINALLY!

2009-11-04 22:55:41 by Yedle

I don't know why I bother posting this. No one ever reads them, but oh well.

I've found a great program thanks to <a> ew/433864<a> this program allows me to put sound in my flash games/movies. This makes the tank game that much more of a reality.

So... I'm making a game.

2009-10-27 20:54:20 by Yedle

So I'm trying to make a game. It's going to be 8-bit with sprites made in paint, and animated in Flash CS3 Professional. The tank you drive is shown, it's the only sprite I have done. If you happen to pass by here, please leave some helpful advice. Maybe even a link or two to some tutorials that explain the following: How to put sound in Flash CS3 Professional with .MP3 files, and action scripting for a platforming game that's a lot like Megaman.

So... I'm making a game.