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The animation was smooth, the humor made me laugh a little, and it's educational. This is one of the more unique Mario Parodies out there, and for that I give you ten stars.


It made me laugh, so it deserves to stay in my book. But the lack of sound is a negative. Go look through the tutorials. Somewhere amongst the mass of button tutorials is one on putting sound into flash.


This is great. Now that I've seen one, I've got to see the others. Great animation as well.

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Pretty decent

I love the concept, but the collision detection is off, and there's no penalty for falling down other than taking more of your time to get back up.

Things I'd love to see in a future version:
Better hit detection.
Screen will go up, but not down.
Harder difficulties.
Time attack.

I loved the game, but it seems to be more 'still in development' if you ask me.

Bakariboss responds:

I was sort of testing peoples reception of the gameplay with this.


The controls were ehh, the concept was ehh, and the sound effects were ehh.

It's nice, but I found myself running into walls when I meant to turn, and I never found myself doing this in the original pac man. If the death animation actually sounded like a chao, and the movement was more like the original this would have gotten a higher rating from me.


That was actually rather intense! Gotta say this is the best faux pas random battle I've ever played! Great job on the engine; I couldn't find anything wrong with it. If you ever plan on making an RPG with this engine, tell me about it. I WANT TO PLAY IT!

(if you couldn't tell I love the game engine, but hated the fact that it was just a demonstration.)

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Woah, just... WOAH! this song compilation just gets better as it goes on. Well done!

HexMonkey responds:

I got a bit better as I worked on it. So the end is probably a bit better than the beginning. Thanks a lot for the review. :)

Makes Craft Even More Badass.

It sounds like someone from Capcom's music department remastered this. You've got some mad skills when it comes to remixing/re-mastering music. Although at some parts it seems to get a little too loud and when it does get too loud it sounds fuzzy. That might just be my speakers though so I'm not going to subtract any points from that.


I feel a mixture of a cool night in a quiet, empty city and sadness in this tune. It's a little short for my taste, but it's fairly decent.

alvys18 responds:

Thank you bro!

I make crap, then force feed it to the internet! Maybe eventually it won't be crap and I won't have to force feed it. That'll be the day. I also dabble in Audacity to mix songs up in ways that sound mostly decent.


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